Get Ready for Good Eats: Learn When Thanksgiving Is in 2023

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As cooking enthusiasts, planning is crucial when creating a memorable Thanksgiving feast. Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready for Thanksgiving 2023! In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about the date of Thanksgiving this year and provide helpful tips on preparing for the big day. Whether you're exploring new recipes or techniques or want to ensure a stress-free celebration, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

The Date of Thanksgiving 2023

The date of Thanksgiving 2023 is November 23rd. It is a significant holiday celebrated in the United States and marked on the calendar for families to come together and give thanks.

Thanksgiving falls on November 23rd, 2023

Knowing the date of Thanksgiving, which falls on November 23rd, 2023, is crucial for planning your holiday schedule. By marking this date on your calendar, you can ensure enough time to prepare and make the necessary arrangements for a memorable celebration. Also, understanding the historical significance of Thanksgiving allows us to appreciate its traditions and customs while celebrating with family and friends.

The national US Thanksgiving holiday is observed every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving in Canada falls annually on the 2nd Monday of October.

Planning your holiday schedule around Thanksgiving is essential to avoid last-minute stress or conflicts. With November 23rd as the designated day for Thanksgiving celebrations in 2023, planning your activities is essential. Whether preparing a delicious feast or organizing gatherings with loved ones, having a clear idea of when Thanksgiving will be celebrated allows you to allocate sufficient time for each task and create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. So mark November 23rd on your calendar today!

Thanksgiving dinner spread out on table

Preparing for Thanksgiving 2023

Whether you're a seasoned cook or new to the kitchen, now's the time to start gathering inspiration for your menu and planning ahead for a stress-free holiday. From traditional favorites to unique twists on classic dishes, there are endless possibilities to explore and create your perfect Thanksgiving meal. So grab a pen and paper because it's time to prepare for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Gathering Inspiration for Your Feast

Exploring traditional Thanksgiving recipes is a great way to find classic dishes that never disappoint. From roasted turkey with all the trimmings to creamy mashed potatoes and savory stuffing, these time-honored recipes will surely please your guests. On the other hand, researching new and creative dishes can add an exciting twist to your Thanksgiving feast.

Experimenting with unique flavors and techniques will impress your loved ones and create an unforgettable dining experience. Additionally, browsing food blogs and cookbooks is a treasure trove of inspiration for fresh ideas. You may stumble upon innovative side dishes or decadent desserts that elevate your menu. Get ready to amaze everyone at your table with these culinary delights!

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Planning Your Menu

Deciding on a main course is crucial to planning your Thanksgiving menu. Consider offering options such as turkey, ham, or a vegetarian dish to accommodate your guests' preferences. Brining a turkey should be first on your list this year. It will make for a moist and flavorful meat cut and reduce the turkey roasting time.

When selecting side dishes, aim for complementary flavors and textures that enhance the main course. Additionally, consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have to ensure everyone can enjoy the meal without worry.

Creating a Shopping List

Listing ingredients needed for selected recipes is crucial in creating a practical shopping list. By carefully reviewing each recipe and noting the required items, you can ensure everything is on hand when it's time to cook. Additionally, checking your pantry items before heading to the store will help avoid duplicate purchases and unnecessary expenses. Lastly, don't forget to add seasonal produce and herbs to your shopping list for added freshness and flavor to your dishes.

Organizing Your Time and Tasks

Breaking down preparation steps into manageable tasks is crucial for a successful Thanksgiving meal. You can ensure nothing is overlooked by creating a detailed checklist of everything needed. Consider dividing tasks into categories such as cooking, baking, and setting the table, making it easier to delegate responsibilities or seek assistance from family members or friends.

Make a Cooking Schedule

Schedule cooking and baking times based on recipe requirements to stay on track with your Thanksgiving preparations. Plan accordingly by noting each dish's recommended cooking time and temperature. This will help you avoid any last-minute rush or confusion in the kitchen.

Delegate Responsibilities

Assigning responsibilities or seeking assistance from family members or friends not only lightens your workload but also adds an element of collaboration and enjoyment to the holiday festivities. Delegate specific tasks like chopping vegetables, setting up decorations, or monitoring oven temperatures to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Remember: Break down preparation steps, schedule cooking and baking times, and assign responsibilities. This will ensure you have less stress on turkey day.

Exploring New Recipes and Techniques

Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes with a Twist: Embrace the classics with a modern twist this Thanksgiving. Elevate your cranberry sauce with a hint of orange zest, or experiment with unique stuffing flavors like wild mushrooms and thyme. Surprise your guests with a savory pumpkin pie topped with bacon crumbles for an unexpected burst of flavor.

Incorporating Global Flavors into Your Feast

Take your taste buds on an international Thanksgiving adventure. Infuse traditional dishes with global spices and ingredients to create exciting new flavors. Add some heat to your mashed potatoes by incorporating Indian curry powder, or spice up your turkey rub with Mexican chipotle peppers for a smoky kick.

Mastering Advanced Cooking Techniques

This year, challenge yourself in the kitchen by mastering advanced cooking techniques for an unforgettable feast. Try sous vide cooking to achieve perfectly tender turkey breast or experiment with molecular gastronomy to create visually stunning side dishes. Impress your guests and elevate the dining experience by exploring new methods that push culinary boundaries.

Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes with a Twist

Creative Stuffing Ideas

Elevate your Thanksgiving feast with unique stuffing options to surprise and delight your guests. Add unexpected ingredients like dried cranberries, pecans, and goat cheese into your traditional bread-based stuffing for flavor and texture. For a twist on the classic, consider using cornbread or wild rice as the base for your stuffing to add an exciting dimension to this beloved side dish.

Stuffed Pork Chops with Cranberries would be a tasty option for those cooking for a smaller crowd.

Unique Gravy Variations

Experiment with unconventional flavors to take your gravy game to the next level. Infuse hints of citrus by adding orange zest or juice to a rich turkey gravy, or give it a spicy kick with dashes of chipotle powder or cayenne pepper. For more adventurous options, try making mushroom miso gravy or caramelized onion and red wine reduction sauce - these unique variations will leave a lasting impression.

Instant Pot Turkey Gravy is an excellent way to save room on your stovetop to cook other dishes. It is tasty, and you can add some of those adventurous ideas you want to try.

Innovative Side Dishes

Break away from tradition by introducing innovative side dishes that complement the main course in exciting ways. Roasted Brussels sprouts tossed in maple glaze and topped with candied bacon provide an irresistible combination of sweet and savory flavors.

instant pot mashed garlic potatoes

Alternatively, make Garlic Mashed Potatoes or transform ordinary mashed potatoes into creamy cauliflower mash infused with garlic and herbs for a healthier yet equally delicious alternative. Don't be afraid to think outside the box regarding sides – roasted root vegetables drizzled with balsamic glaze or quinoa salad packed with fresh herbs can bring vibrant colors and unexpected tastes to enhance your Thanksgiving spread.

Take a New Spin on Dessert

You can still make a traditional pumpkin pie, but why not add a Pumpkin Cheesecake or Pumpkin Cake to the dessert table this year?

Incorporating Global Flavors into Your Feast

Incorporating Global Flavors into Your Feast

  • Elevate your Thanksgiving turkey with Asian-inspired marinades that infuse the meat with bold and exotic flavors.
  • Add a Latin American twist to your cranberry sauce by incorporating salsa, creating a tangy, spicy condiment that pairs perfectly with turkey.
  • Give your traditional pumpkin pie an Indian spin using aromatic spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, adding warmth and complexity to this classic dessert.

Mastering Advanced Cooking Techniques

The sous vide roasting method for turkey ensures a perfectly cooked and tender bird every time. You can achieve precise results with minimal effort by sealing the turkey in a vacuum-sealed bag and cooking it in a temperature-controlled water bath.

Turducken is an impressive gourmet combination of meats that will wow your guests at Thanksgiving dinner. This dish involves stuffing a deboned chicken inside a deboned duck and then stuffing it inside a deboned turkey. The layers of flavors from each meat create an unforgettable dining experience.

Making perfectly flaky pie crusts from scratch requires attention to detail and technique. Start with cold butter or shortening, cutting it into the flour until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Add ice water gradually while gently mixing until the dough comes together. Handling the dough carefully will result in beautifully flaky crusts that will impress.

Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Delegate tasks and share the workload with your family and friends. Assign specific responsibilities to each person, such as cooking a dish or setting up the table. This will help alleviate stress and ensure that everyone is involved in creating a memorable Thanksgiving feast.

Make Ahead Recipes

Prepare make-ahead and freezer-friendly recipes to save time on the day of Thanksgiving. Make dishes like casseroles, soups, and desserts ahead of time and freeze them until needed. This not only reduces last-minute preparation but also allows for better organization in the kitchen.


Create a well-organized kitchen by decluttering countertops, organizing utensils, and stocking up on essential ingredients beforehand. Everything within reach will streamline your cooking process and minimize stress during meal preparation.


Don't forget to take care of yourself amidst all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Thanksgiving. Schedule breaks, practice deep breathing exercises or meditation techniques to relax your mind, stay hydrated throughout the day, eat nutritious meals, and get enough sleep - prioritizing self-care will help you maintain energy levels while enjoying this special occasion with loved ones.

Delegate Tasks and Share the Workload

Create a checklist of tasks and assign them to family members or friends. This will help distribute the workload and ensure that every aspect of Thanksgiving preparations is covered.

Divide responsibilities such as cooking, setting up the table, or cleaning among the team to ensure everyone has a role. Communicate and coordinate with everyone involved to ensure smooth execution, discussing any necessary adjustments or clarifications along the way. You can create a cohesive team effort for a successful Thanksgiving celebration in 2023 by delegating tasks and sharing the workload effectively.

Make Ahead and Freezer-Friendly Recipes

Researching and experimenting with recipes that can be prepared in advance or frozen without compromising taste will save you time and stress on Thanksgiving Day. Try make-ahead dishes like casseroles, stuffing, or desserts to lighten the cooking load. To stay organized, label and organize freezer-friendly meals for easy thawing and reheating when the big day arrives.

Setting Up a Well-Organized Kitchen

Clean out your pantry ahead of time to make room for Thanksgiving ingredients. Discard expired items and organize your shelves to locate necessary ingredients during meal preparation easily. Prepare a detailed shopping list based on planned recipes to avoid last-minute rushes. This will ensure you have all the necessary ingredients when it's time to cook. Pre-measure ingredients and set up cooking utensils beforehand, saving time and reducing stress in the kitchen.

  • Clean out pantry
  • Discard expired items
  • Organize shelves
  • Prepare a detailed shopping list
  • Pre-measure ingredients
  • Set up cooking utensils

Take Care of Yourself: Self-Care Tips for the Chef

Schedule breaks throughout the day to rest, relax, or enjoy some fresh air. Taking short moments for yourself will help recharge your energy and reduce stress levels in the kitchen. Simplify your menu to lessen the pressure while still creating delicious food. Remember that it's okay to ask for help when necessary; you don't have to do everything alone. Collaborating with others can make cooking a more enjoyable and manageable experience.


Planning for Thanksgiving is crucial for a successful and stress-free celebration. By marking the date in your calendar, you can ensure ample time to prepare and gather all the necessary ingredients and supplies. The anticipation and excitement surrounding Thanksgiving festivities make planning even more critical, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season without any last-minute scramble or rush.


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