Instant Pot Keto Egg Roll in a Bowl

A Pressure Cooker

Craving for egg rolls but ran out of wrappers? Here’s an easy keto egg roll in a bowl recipe you can try out instead.

This egg roll recipe is so convenient and flavor packed, you might find yourself making it again and again.

What Kind of Meat Can I Use?

Ground beef or ground pork are usually a great option to try out. It is often best to opt for grass fed organic meat, preferably with a higher healthy fat content.

I Don’t Have Bone Broth. What Else Can I Use?

You can also switch to using chicken or beef stock instead of a bone broth for this recipe- or even vegetable stock if you feel like it.

Serving Ideas & Suggestions

– Chicken fried rice – Stir fried noodles – Bok choy  – Chinese style cucumber – Dim sums – Egg drop soup – Pickled cucumber

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