Instant Pot Irish Beef Stew - A Stew with Guinness Beer

Serve up this Instant Pot Irish Beef Stew for dinner tonight. Loaded with beef stew meat, potatoes, carrots, bacon, in a savory broth, that offers a nice kick of flavor thanks to the Guinness beer.


- Stew Meat - Red Potaotes - Carrots - Bacon - White Onion - Beef Broth - Bay Leaves - Thyme - Guinness Stout Beer

Prep the chicken

Place diced bacon into the instant pot and turn on saute mode. Cook bacon until crispy.


Prep the chicken

If it starts to stick use a little beef broth to deglaze. Add in white onion and stir well. Add in a little beef broth and deglaze.

Prep the chicken

Add in stew beef and cook until lightly brown on the outside of the meat. Turn off saute mode.

Prep the chicken

Add in carrots and diced and peeled potatoes. Pour in one cup of Guinness and the remaining beef broth.

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