A different way of dealing with a classic in every kitchen. Instant Pot Orange BBQ Meatballs are easy, quick, and so satisfying

This dish has no comparison. Surprise your family with this delicious recipe. It's the perfect weekday dinner solution!

You will need: frozen meatballs orange marmalade brown sugar apple cider vinegar honey hickory bbq sauce water

Can you overcook meatballs? Like any food yes you can overcook meatballs. For these pressure cooker meatballs, I find that the 6-minute mark works great.

What pairs well with meatballs? Mashed potatoes, rice, fried cabbage, pilaf, and other types of sides are great.

Can I use a Ninja Foodi for this recipe? Absolutely! Ninja Foodi meatballs are delicious. Just use the pressure cooker lid, and not the crisping lid. Make these party meatballs, or even serve for dinner.

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