Instant Pot Baked Ziti Recipe

Italian sausage, ziti pasta, ricotta cheese, spaghetti sauce and more come together for the ultimate baked ziti with ricotta.


– ziti or penne pasta – hot Italian sausage – chicken stock – half and half – pasta sauce – pepper – salt – ricotta – mozzarella cheese – pasta sauce

It is so fast to prepare and the pasta cooks perfectly in the Instant Pot.

You are welcome to use either route, it will still offer that creamy and satisfying flavor. So, feel free to whip up whatever you would prefer.

The sausage adds a bit more kick in flavor, but ground beef is what I use often! Either meat works great. You will love it.

This is one of the best Instant Pot pasta recipes. Our Instant Pot Ziti recipe is a winner every single time.

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