Ham Potato Soup

Instant Pot Soup Recipe

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Ham potato soup is the ultimate cheesy ham and potato soup recipe.

– Butter – Milk – Onion – Chicken Broth – Cornstarch – Half and Half – Red Potatoes – Ham – Seasonings – Cheese – Sour Cream


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Step 1

Turn your saute feature on and add in your butter and let it melt. Then toss in your onions to saute and soften them.

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Step 2

Add in the additional butter and then whisk cornstarch and milk in a bowl. Pour into the onion mix.

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Step 3

Then add in chicken stock, potatoes, carrots, ham, garlic powder, and pepper.

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Step 4

Place your lid on and secure the valve. Then cook and when done quick release. Stir in the sour cream and then shredded cheese. Garnish and serve.

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– Use a russet potato or Yukon – Feel free to leave out the ham. – Consider tossing in diced  – Top with all your favorites.

Gluten-Free, Potatoes, Soups, Vegetables

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