Everything Bagel Cream Cheese Chicken

This is a keto chicken Instant Pot recipe with tasty chicken and cream cheese. And yes, you can totally make it into one of your favorite Ninja Foodi chicken breast recipes.


- Chicken breasts - Cream cheese - Everything but the Bagel seasoning - Red pepper flakes - Water

Prep the chicken

Mix cream cheese with red pepper flakes, and half of the Everything but the Bagel seasoning.


Prep the chicken

Score each chicken breast about eight times. Add in your cream cheese mixture into each slice.

Prep the chicken

Process the rest of the Everything but the Bagel seasoning in your food processor to make it finer. Pulsing once or twice should be fine.

Prep the chicken

Sprinkle seasoning over the top of each chicken breast. Fold each chicken breast into aluminum foil, making a boat shape with the chicken securely in the foil.

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