Asian Inspired Recipes

Asian Inspired Recipes to whip up for dinner this week. From sticky meatballs, easy chicken stir fry, to a salad loaded with flavor. These Asian cuisine recipes will be a treat for the entire family.


Asian Sticky Ribs

Whip up this baby back rib recipe that is loaded with Asian Flavor. Instant Pot ribs are then finished off in the oven for a sticky glaze. This pork ribs recipe is loaded with flavor.

Asian Meatballs

Instant Pot Asian meatballs paired with the recipe. A quick and easy weeknight dinner that takes just 12 minutes to cook.

Beef Bulgogi

Instant Pot Asian Beef Bulgogi Bowls are a tasty Instant Pot Asian dish that taste incredible served over rice. A soy sauce-based beef dish with spring onions, brown sugar, and more!

Instant Pot Rice

Here are 26 of our best Instant Pot rice recipes from around the world.

Sticky Chicken

Dipped in an irresistible sweet chilli sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds and garlic, you'd swear that you're eating Chinese take-out after taking the first bite!

P.F. Chang's 

Perfect for when you’re craving for some Asian food, these Instant Pot lettuce wraps are super yum and surprisingly healthy too. If you like PF Changs Lettuce Wraps, you'll love this recipe.

Thai Wraps

A sweet and savory season chicken that is then shredded and piled on an Asian lettuce wrap. Crisp, savory, and a hint of sweetness!