The Best Instant Pot Cookbooks to Get Your Hands On

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Got your hands on the famous Instant Pot? Time to make cooking a breeze! Here are the best Instant Pot Cookbooks to get your hands on!

So you’ve got your hands on the Instant Pot and have probably even tried your hand at a few recipes, and if they didn’t turn out to be as you wanted them to be, and you’re having a bit of trouble figuring your way around using the Instant Pot to its fullest, let experts lead the way. 

Read on to discover some of the best Instant Pot cookbooks you can get your hands on, and start creating some delicious and healthy meals. 

The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook for Two

Want to whip up quick, home cooked meals for you and your partner in your Instant Pot, but struggling to find the right recipes? This Instant Pot cookbook is a must have. It’ll also help you with just the right amount of ingredients to make sure you come up with the exact portions for you both- so no more food wastage! 

Instant Pot Family Meals

Perfect for those cooking for a big family, this book has more than 60 super delicious and flavorful meal ideas you can get started on, and put on the table in a jiffy. What’s best is the fact that this book has meals that everyone (yes, even the picky eaters) will love. Plus, you’ll also find some actionable ways to utilize your Instant Pot to the fullest. 

Mediterranean Instant Pot

Mediterranean cuisine has become super popular in the recent years owing to its heart healthy benefits, and if you’ve already jumped on the bandwagon, waiting to try some recipes in your Instant Pot, this book by America's Test Kitchen might help. 

The Step-By-Step Instant Pot Cookbook

Loaded with 100 recipes that you can make in your Instant Pot, this is yet another excellent pick from the Instant Pot cookbooks in this list. If you’re an absolute newbie, this is a wonderful place to start out and test the waters and enjoy some flavorful meals while you’re at it. What’s best is the fact that these recipes are super detailed, so there’s little to no scope of going wrong. 

The Instant Pot Desserts Cookbook

And here’s a cookbook that all dessert people will love! If you’re one of those people who thought that the Instant Pot could be used only to make meals, the recipes that you’ll find in here might leave you surprised! Get your hands on it if you’re planning to try your hands at some sweet treats that are easy to make.

The Instant Pot Bible

Last, but definitely not the least, The Instant Pot Bible, which is another absolute must have, regardless of which model of the device you own. As the name suggests, it is jam packed with recipes (more than 350 to be precise) that you can try out, and also has some cool tips and tricks like how to keep grains from getting soggy and how to cook different meats to perfection. 

If you’re really confused about which from the Instant Pot cookbooks to get your hands on, this one’s an absolute no-fail. 


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