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Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Review

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Get a quick peek into one of the most popular kitchen essentials out there- the Ninja Foodi, and decide for yourself if it is really worth it! 

You might have come across it on your search for a pressure cooker or an air fryer, and may be wondering if it is really worth all the buzz. The Ninja Foodi is definitely one of the top-rated and top-selling products in the home and kitchen category today. In fact, some home cooks also treat it as an absolute kitchen essential. 

If you’ve been thinking of getting your hands on it, wait up! Here’s everything you need to know about it. Read on...

ninja foodi meatloaf recipe sliced and served on white plate
Pictured: Ninja Foodi meatloaf.

At right around the $200 mark, the Ninja Foodi is an investment. However, it is really worth it because of the amount of money you will save by cooking at home due to its ease of use and ability to make cooking at home even easier.

You can buy the Ninja Foodi on Amazon, or click over to check out the reviews.

Ninja Foodi Functions

The Ninja Foodi is basically an electric pressure cooker capable of performing a wide variety of functions. It has a user friendly interface and allows you to try out a lot of different cooking methods.

  • slow-cook
  • saute
  • pressure cook
  • steam
  • air fry
  • dehydrate food

Plus, it also has a featured TenderCrisp technology which allows you to cook food and finish it off with a nice crispy texture. 

Is the Ninja Foodi Worth Buying?

Whether you’ve been making home-cooked meals every day, or are someone who really wants to, the Ninja Foodi is definitely worth your time (and money).

Apart from the ton of cooking features, it also dramatically reduces your cooking time, which is perfect for all those who don’t like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. What’s more, it also keeps your food warm for up to 12 hours. 

Plus, it is your one-stop solution to cook anything and everything- your entrees and sides to your mains (like this delicious roast right here!) and even desserts. It’d be nice to have a single appliance that would sort out most of your cooking functions- right? 

Can I Cook Frozen Meats in the Ninja Foodi?

The pressure cooker function in the Ninja Foodi allows you to cook frozen meats (like cooking frozen chicken!) in there as well.

All you need to do is throw in the frozen meat, follow your recipe, and pressure cook it. This will first defrost your meat and then cook it to perfection. 

Finish off with the crisping function to get that unbeatable crisp texture to your meat! 

Models Available

If you're planning to do some pressure cooker or air fryer baking, you'll also want to check out this Ninja Foodi accessory baking set.

Instant Pot vs Ninja Foodi: Which One’s Better?

The Instant Pot might have caught your eye first, and if you’re confused about which one to pick, here’s a little help.

While the Instant Pot can do pretty much everything the Ninja Foodi does, it lacks Foodi’s standout functionality of allowing you to air fry your foods!

Newer models of the Instant Pot may have that functionality, but the Foodi still rocks it! We actually tried out both the Ninja Foodi and the Instant Pot air fryer functions for our Air Fried Pork Chops and for this Air Fryer Bloomin Onion and they were AMAZING.

And in the end, it all depends on functions you like best, right? The pressure cooker you should pick depends on what you’re really looking for, and what features you know you’ll be needing and using the most. 

And of course, it is worth noting that both the brands keep launching new iterations of the device every now and then. 

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