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Ninja Foodi Grill Review: Is it Worth it?

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Take a sneak peek into the many faces of the Ninja Foodi Grill- one of the best devices to own this summer! 

Summer is just around the corner, and whether you’re looking for an amazing gift for someone who likes to throw barbeques and outdoor parties, or is looking for something for yourself to make the best of your kitchen time, you’re probably considering the Ninja Foodi Grill. Or maybe, it may have propped up in your suggestions feed. 

And because it is, well, Ninja Foodi after all, so you’ve probably got high expectations from it. But does it really live up to it? Let’s find out. 

How Complicated is it?

Using the Ninja Foodi Grill is pretty easy. You’ll have a manual of course, and to start off, you’ll need to plug it in. After that, it is pretty much what you want to do- air fry (how about trying these delish pizza rolls?), dehydrate or grill. The lid can be closed, but if you’re looking for those grill marks on both sides, you’ll have to flip it after it is done on one side. 

How Does it Perform?

This appliance performs better than you’d expect, in more ways than you’d know. There’s hardly anything in the market that sears meat, caramelizes it and crisps it up to perfection better than the Ninja Foodi Grill does. 

So whatever it is- your marinated fish fillets, frozen chicken breasts (which taste great with this BBQ sauce)or even larger cuts and chunks of meat, you’ll have that perfect crispiness from the outside and the softness on the inside that you’re dreaming of! 

And Does it Cook Evenly?

Of course it does! Even if you’re grilling frozen meat, you can be sure that your meat will be cooked to perfection, evenly! The Ninja Foodi Grill distributes heat thoroughly on all sides, so you don’t have to worry about rawness- ever! 

Plus, there’s a roast and bake setting in there too, which acts like a mini oven for you, which becomes really convenient when you’re throwing a party or having guests over. 

Is it Easy to Clean?

And now’s the time to get real. So it cooks great, but how is it when it comes to cleaning? Truth is, the air fryer basket is relatively easy to clean, but when it comes to the grilling plate, you will definitely need a teeny bit of extra effort. 

You’ll also be getting a brush with it to make things easier, but of course, when you grill food sticks. Just soak the grill pan once you’re done using it so that it becomes much less of a hassle to clean up later. 

You can also keep it clean while not in use by keeping a dust cover over it.

So is it Really Worth it?

The Ninja Foodi Grill is undoubtedly worth the buy! It is obviously healthier than frying foods in a pan. You’ll get to see all that grease left in the drip pan after you’ve grilled your meats, and you’ll be shocked at how delicious your food tastes, even without that fat. It’ll feel good to enjoy all that amazing food and know it is healthier than usual too- right? 

Plus, what could be better than getting to enjoy grilled foods all year round, without having to power up your outdoor grill? 


What functions does the Ninja Foodi Grill have?

The Ninja Foodi AG301 5-in-1 Indoor Electric Countertop Grill has a 4-Quart air fryer, and also roasts, bakes, dehydrates, and has cyclonic grilling technology for indoor grilling. Make fried Oreos, pork chops and a blooming onion with this grill.

How much is a Ninja grill?

Amazon has Ninja foodi grills for about $200.

How to preheat a Ninja Foodi Grill?

Press start and let the grill preheat for 3 minutes before adding the food to the grill to cook.

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