Instant Pot Peach Cake Cobbler Recipe

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Instant Pot 2 Ingredient Peach Cake is exactly what it says. Two ingredients are all you need to make this incredible instant pot peach cake cobbler recipe.

I think by now it is safe to say you all know I love EASY recipes. While I make easy I still want to serve up a dessert that wins everyone over with the first bite.

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Cake Mix and Peach Pie Filling is all you need for this recipe. Whip this up for that last minute dessert, or serve after dinner with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Peach pie can't stand a chance next to this easy and tasty instant pot cake recipe.

Why this recipe is delicious...

What Do You Need

  • Cake Mix
  • Peaches in Can
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Butter

How to Make Instant Pot Peach Cake Cobbler

Mix up the sugar, peaches, cinnamon, and mix till combined. Pour into your prepared pan.

Then you will mix the butter with cake mix and place on top of the peach filling.

Cover with aluminum foil, place in Instant Pot on a trivet with water In the pot.

Pressure cook as directed, and once done release pressure, remove and serve.

How To Store Cake

If you are lucky enough to have leftovers, all you have to store is allow your cake to cool down then store in an airtight container.

Since you have fruit in this recipe you will it is best when you store this in the fridge. It extends the shelf life for an extra day or two.

You can eat it chilled from the fridge. Or if you want that fresh out of the oven warmth, warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up.

Can You Freeze Leftover Cake?

Sure, you are welcome to freeze this cake. Just place in an airtight container that is freezer safe.

Toss your cake in the freezer for up to three months. Then when you want to eat, thaw in the fridge the night before. Or allow it to warm up at room temperature.

It will thaw out really nicely and be a nice treat to enjoy when you get a sweet craving here and there. I just pre-slice it so I pull a slice out for a quick dessert for myself.

Common Questions

Do you frost the peach cake?

I did not but you are more than welcome to. Feel free to buy a container of frosting or make up your favorite to spread on top. It offers more of a cobbler style texture so that is why I didn't add in frosting.
Now you also could sprinkle with powdered sugar for added depth of look and flavor to your cake.

Can I add blueberries into the cake?

Want to add in a few fresh or frozen blueberries? This duo of fruit is incredible and I say go right ahead. I would add 1/2 cup to your mixture. It will add so much color and of course pair nicely with your peaches.
You could also do strawberries or even raspberries. I wanted to keep it simple but feel free to improvise and create your one-of-a-kind dessert that is what you are craving.

What is the difference between a cobbler and a crisp?

A cobbler offers a cake-like topping. Where a crisp it is often topped with an oatmeal crumble on top. Both of the desserts tend to have a fruit bottom.

How to know when a cobbler is done?

Take a toothpick and stick into the cake topping, and lift it out. If there is no wet cake dough the cobbler is ready. The only thing that really needs to cook is the cake topping. The fruit will of course cook and blend flavors but it is already fully cooked.

Can I Use fresh peaches instead of pie filling?

Feel free to change up the dessert and slice and place fresh peaches into the bottom of the pan. You can add in a teaspoon of cornstarch and toss with the peaches to help thicken the mixture as it cooks.

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Yield: 6-7 servings

Peach Cobbler Instant Pot Recipe

Peach Cobbler Instant Pot Recipe
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 2 14 oz cans of peaches in light syrup, drained with ⅓ cup syrup reserved
  • ¼-⅓ cup sugar (depending on sweetness preference)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 15.25 oz box white cake mix


  1. In a large bowl, stir together peaches, reserved syrup, sugar, and cinnamon, then transfer into a cake pan that fits inside the pressure cooker (min is just under 8 inches and fit perfectly).
  2. In a small bowl, mix the cake mix with the butter, then spread evenly on top of the peaches.
  3. Cover the cobbler tightly with aluminum foil.
  4. Add one cup of water to the instant pot, then place the trivet inside the pot, lower the cobbler using a sling into the pot.
  5. Close lid, set valve to sealing, then cook on manual high pressure for 10 minutes.
  6. Allow a 10 minutes natural pressure release before carefully releasing the remaining steam and removing the cobbler using the sling.
  7. Remove foil, then broil for 5 minutes until golden brown.
  8. Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream!

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