Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker Review and Accessories

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Heard all about the Instant Pot Duo Plus and wondering if it is really worth your money? Read on to know more about it and get your answers!

Whether you’re scouring websites looking for the hottest new kitchen appliance that’s making headlines, or are just looking for a simple and one stop solution to making your kitchen time easier, the Instant Pot is almost always the answer. 

So when you came across the new Instant Pot Duo Plus pressure cooker, you probably ended up scratching your head, wondering how it is any different from your regular Instant Pot. 

If that’s the case, here’s a little something to help you out. Read on to discover more about the Instant Pot Duo Plus, if it is really worth buying, and some cool must-have accessories to get along with it. 

How’s it Different From the Instant Pot?

Quite frankly, the Instant Pot Duo Plus is nothing but the brand’s newest model- think of it as an upgraded, better version of the original product. So is it really any different from the most basic model of the Instant Pot? You bet it is! 

  • The device has better safety features, which is great for those who are intimidated by any kitchen appliance. 
  • To make cooking a breeze, it has a lot of preset functions (48 to be precise) that you can use- which is perfect if you tend to be confused about cooking times for different foods. 
  • There’s also a new digital interface that makes the device look super stylish and modern, perfect for your kitchen countertop. 
  • My personal favorite is the device’s progress timer, that allows you to see how far along you are in the cooking process regardless of whether you’re preheating or actually cooking food in there. 
  • What’s more, the Instant Pot Duo Plus also has an additional steam release cap which makes the release of steam much safer. 

Is it Really Worth the Buy?

Not convinced enough? Of course. You probably need more than just that to invest some $129 into a kitchen appliance right. Well, here’s what the Instant Pot Duo Plus does exceptionally well at. 

  • It works wonderfully in breaking down tougher cuts of meat- those that would take several hours in your oven, which is great if you’re someone who’s looking to get their meals done super quick. 
  • The preset functions work wonderfully regardless of whether you’re cooking rice, egg or even a cake. You can just set and forget and come back to perfectly cooked food- no burns, no bottom crusts. 

Best Accessories For the Instant Pot Duo Plus

Ready to go ahead and get your hands on it? Wait up! Here are a few add-on accessories you might want to add to your cart to make the most of it all!

Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker Review and Accessories

Enjoy cooking in your Instant Pot Duo Plus. This Instant Pot has many settings to choose from.


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