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Instant Pot Dessert Bites - Cherry Almond Bite Size Cakes

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This Instant Pot dessert bites recipe is one of our favorite egg bite mold dessert recipes. This recipe has a sweet cherry and almond flavor in every single decadent bite. The ultimate Instant Pot dessert recipe.

cherry almond instant pot dessert bites on white plate

Instant Pot egg bite silicone molds are so popular! It is one accessory I highly recommend buying. Make mini meatloaves, easy pancake bites, or even these Starbuck's egg bites.

What do you need to make cake pops?

How to Make Cake Pops

Now, if you want an easy cherry and almond cake recipe you can do like we did and make dessert bites and then pour cake pop icing over them and sprinkle with almonds.

Making cake pops a more traditional way, you could add a couple of steps to this recipe and freeze the cake pops for 10-15 minutes and then coat in a chocolate or white chocolate coating, and then decorate. Add in a cake pop stick, and you have an easy cake pop recipe with cake mix - on a stick!

Easy Instant Pot Dessert Bites

The Instant Pot does a great job at making these little cake bites moist and delicious. You can stack your egg bite molds on top of each other. So you can cook 2 molds at a time.

Just cover with aluminum foil or the silicone mold the egg bites came with. Some molds don't have a lid, and then just wrap tightly in foil so condensation doesn't get into the cake.

cherry almond instant pot dessert bites being drizzled with white melted chocolate candy

Unicorn popcorn is another fun and flavorful finger food dessert.

Glaze For Cherry Almond Cake Bites

So you could make a cinnamon roll glaze to drizzle over the top. Or if you to do what I did, I just melted up some white chocolate wafers. Then I drizzled over the top of the bites.

The white chocolate hardens up a bit so it doesn't melt on your hands the way a frosting or icing would.

How To Store Instant Pot Dessert Bites

For me, I like to store these cherry cake bites in the refrigerator. I find it helps maximize the shelf life of these sweet treats. Just allow the cherry almond cake bites to fully cool.

Then transfer into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator. Now, make sure if you stack on top of each other you lay a layer of wax paper in between to help prevent them from sticking together.

Do Cherry Cake Bites Freeze

Yes, you can freeze these Instant Pot cake bites. Just let them fully cool and then place them in a container or freezer bag. Freeze for 3-4 months.

Thaw on the counter or even in the fridge overnight. These taste just as good as serving up fresh!

Can I Double This Recipe

These bite-sized cakes can be doubled in terms of the recipe. The biggest thing is to batch cook. You can only get 2 egg bite molds into your pressure cooker at one time.

This would be a fun recipe to make for a birthday treat, baby shower, wedding shower, etc. There is never a wrong time for bite-size cakes. Am I right?

cherry almond instant pot dessert bites drizzled with white chocolate and topped with chopped almonds

Tips And Tricks for Instant Pot Dessert Bites

  • Make sure to use a cooking spray on your molds. This is going to help ensure your cake bites don't get stuck in the mold.
  • Do not overmix the batter. If you do it can make the cake heavy and not as light and fluffy as you would like.
  • Squeeze around the outside of each of the silicone molds before you flip it upside down to release. This is going to help them fall out.
  • You can use other fruit if you want. Strawberry, blueberry, etc.
  • Make a cream cheese frosting to drizzle over the top of the cakes. Or even a powdered sugar and milk icing.
Yield: 14 servings

Cherry Almond Dessert Bites Recipe

Cherry Almond Dessert Bites Recipe

This easy Almond and Cherry flavored Cake Bites dessert recipe is an easy Instant Pot dessert that is bite size and ready to eat.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


    1. Pour the cake mix into a glass mixing bowl. Add in the cherry pie filling, egg, milk, and almond extract. Mix with a whisk to combine.
    2. Pour or scoop the cake batter into egg bite molds, filling each mold ¾ of the way full. Cover the egg bites mold container with aluminum foil.
    3. Add 1 ½ cups of water to the Instant Pot inner pot. Put the egg bites mold onto your silicone trivet/sling and then lower it into the Instant Pot.
    4. Seal the Instant Pot and then set to a manual high pressure-cooking time of 10 minutes.
    5. When the timer finishes, let the pressure naturally release for 5 minutes, and then do a quick release to let out the remaining pressure.
    6. Remove the cake bites from the silicone and let cool on a cooling rack.
    7. Repeat these steps with remaining cake batter.
    8. Melt the white chocolate melting wafers in the microwave, stirring after 30 second increments. Decorate the cherry almond dessert bites by drizzling the melted white candy over the cake bites and then sprinkling with the chopped almonds.


    Switch up the flavors by adjusting the pie filling flavor used and the extract flavor. Another great flavor combination would be lemon extract with blueberry filling.


    • Can my dog have Cherry Almond Bites? I understand that you like to pamper your dog by giving him these delicious desserts, but believe me, there are desserts made especially for your dog's diet that he may like better and make him feel better. I must clarify that from this recipe the chocolate, milk, and the high levels of sugar it contains are dangerous for your dog's health.
    • Can my cat have Cherry Almond Bites? If you want to give your cat a dessert, make him a different one, using ingredients suitable for his health. This Cherry Almond Bites recipe includes toxic ingredients that can hurt your cat. Mainly chocolate and the high levels of sugar it contains can poison your pet.

    Nutrition Information



    Serving Size


    Amount Per Serving Calories 238Total Fat 7gSaturated Fat 2gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 5gCholesterol 32mgSodium 344mgCarbohydrates 40gFiber 1gSugar 18gProtein 4g

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