Instant Pot Beef Short Ribs Recipe

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Ready to whip up an elaborate meal? Give this easy Instant Pot beef short ribs recipe a try for dinner, and there’s no going back. 

beef short ribs recipe

You might be using your instant pot for a ton of different recipes and creations, so how about taking things up a notch this time, and trying your hands at a classic recipe that will have you licking your plate clean?

These instant pot beef short ribs are super easy to make, and when laid on a bed of smashed and soft potatoes, make for a lip smacking meal you’ll relish to the fullest. 

Drooling already? Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you get started on the recipe

Why Should I Sear the Ribs First?

Regardless of whether or not you’re cooking these short ribs in an instant pot, searing the meat is an important part of the process that can’t be overlooked.

This additional step doesn’t just lend a gorgeous golden crust to the meat, but also because it caramelizes the surface of the meat which adds more flavor to your broth and drippings. 

Can I Overcook my Beef Short Ribs Recipe ?

Overcooking beef ribs is actually a rare possibility.

Cooking beef ribs to perfection actually takes a lot of time, and if your beef ribs end up tough, it probably isn’t because they’re overcooked, and rather that they’re undercooked. Keep cooking them until the meat reaches the stage when it easily falls apart from the bone. 

Why Are my Beef Short Ribs Recipe So Tough?

Beef ribs actually take a fair amount of cooking time to ensure that the connective tissue breaks down. If they seem tough and chewy, they just need extra time in your instant pot

beef short ribs recipe

Can I Make the Drippings Into a Gravy?

The drippings that contain all the delicious flavor and juices of the meat and seasonings can actually be turned into a nice gravy too, if that’s what you want to do.

Simply heat a bit of butter in a saucepan, add in a tablespoon of flour and cook for a minute or two on medium heat, and then add in the drippings and cook for a couple of minutes more, or until it turns into a nice and thick gravy. Easy! 

Sides & Serving Suggestions

While our recipe calls for a simple side of mashed potatoes, if you’re willing to put in a teeny bit of extra effort, you could have a wide array of options to try out! 

Roasted veggies taste great with these beef short ribs, and if you’re a fan of potatoes, you could also try adding a bit of garlic into the seasoned mashed potatoes, along with some chopped cilantro to give it an elaborate touch. 

beef short ribs recipe

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Yield: 6-8 servings

Instant Pot Boneless Beef Short Ribs w/ Smashed Potatoes

Instant Pot Boneless Beef Short Ribs w/ Smashed Potatoes

A good cut that will not leave anyone indifferent, the beef short ribs are ideal for different methods of preparation. This time the ribs are deliciously prepared in cooking sherry and other delicious spices. Everything goes to the Instant pot and cooks easily. A winning option for a good meal!

Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes


  1. Salt and pepper boneless shot ribs.
  2. Add oil and set pressure cooker to Sauté – High.
  3. Sear short ribs for 3-4 minutes on each side or until seared. (This will need to be done in batches so you don’t overcrowd the cooker)
  4. Add minced garlic and heat for about a minute.
  5. Deglaze the insert by adding the sherry and scraping the bottom with a wooden spoon.
  6. Add the ribs back to the cooker.
  7. Add beef broth, seasonings, sprig of fresh thyme or rosemary, and potatoes.
  8. Close and lock lid.
  9. Set pressure cooker to Pressure Cook – High. And set timer for 30 minutes.
  10. Allow to natural release for 15 minutes, then manually release any extra pressure.
  11. Once pressure is gone and silver valve has released, open cooker.
  12. Smash potatoes slightly and plate.
  13. Lay ribs on top of potatoes and top with au jus if desired.



  • Can my dog have Beef with Smashed Potatoes? In general, this recipe is safe for your dog. Your dog can eat both meat and cooked potatoes, however, the garlic and onion should be eliminated, since these ingredients could cause problems.
  • Can my cat have Beef with Smashed Potatoes? Sure, your cat can eat beef ribs and mashed potatoes, just remember to remove the garlic and onion from its portion, as these ingredients can be harmful to your kitten.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 944Total Fat 50gSaturated Fat 21gTrans Fat 3gUnsaturated Fat 29gCholesterol 170mgSodium 11536mgCarbohydrates 40gFiber 4gSugar 2gProtein 82g

Sodium includes sodium from the stock the food is cooked in and will not all be consumed.

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