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Instant Pot Accessories that Make Pressure Cooking Easier

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Time to make your favorite kitchen essential even better! Here are the best Instant Pot accessories you should consider getting your hands on.

The Instant Pot might seem like the perfect, dream kitchen device for you, and while it is that, no doubt, there’s always a little something that you can team it up with to make your life easier. 

And that’s what this post is all about! I’ve handpicked some of the best Instant Pot accessories you can get your hands on to make pressure cooking a breeze! Read on...

Best Instant Pot Accessories to Get Your Hands On

Discover the best Instant Pot accessories you need to grab to make your kitchen time quicker and smoother!

Stainless Steel Steamer Basket Insert

Investing in a stainless steel steamer basket for your Instant Pot could be nothing less than a game changer for you, especially if you’re trying to eat healthy. You can use this for the obvious- steaming veggies. Plus, you can also use it to wash veggies and fruits. Another wicked trick I like to use it for is while making chicken stock. This way, I can throw in all the spices and veggies I use, and get them out in a single swoop and have my clear stock ready! 

Tempered Glass Lid

This lid is perfect for all those times when you’re experiencing splatters all over your kitchen counter and keeping an eye on your meal when you’re using non-pressure settings. This will also help prevent your food from drying out when it cooks. 

Best of all, it is super easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is place it on the top when you’re using the sauté or slow cook function and remove it after you’re done. 

Plus, you can also remove the inner pot and place this lid on the top, and pop it into the refrigerator to quickly store the leftovers! 

Cheesecake Pan with Removable Bottom

Dessert people will love this! Consider getting your hands on a simple cheesecake pan that has a removable bottom. It’ll easily fit in your Instant Pot, and will help you perfect your homemade cheesecakes every single time. 

Another similar and super cool Instant Pot accessory you can consider getting is a springform pan. Just make sure you choose a non-stick variety. Or if not, you can always choose silicone baking cups that allow you to create bite-sized versions of your favorite cheesecakes (like this fun sweet potato cheesecake right here), other dessert creations, and even breakfast egg bites and muffins! 

Heat Resistant Gloves

If you’ve ever suffered from the burns of using wet oven mitts to hold a hot pan or tray, you know what I’m talking about. That’s where these heat resistant gloves can come in and help. They're actually another absolutely essential Instant Pot accessories to consider grabbing!

Plus, they also help you grip your items more securely and firmly as opposed to oven mitts. Pick a waterproof variety so that the heat and steam don’t pass through. 

Silicone Kitchen Tongs

If you’re finding removing the deep inner pot a struggle, a pair of kitchen tongs could be just the thing you need. Pick silicone ones- they can help prevent the painful oil splatters while you’re using the sauté function. They’ll most likely be dishwasher safe and prove an extra-strong grip too!


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