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Trivet for Instant Pot: Types and Uses

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Wondering what's the deal about that metal rack that comes with your Instant Pot? Read on to discover the different Instant Pot trivet types and how to put them to use!

If you’re a new Instant Pot owner, you might come across recipes in your Instant Pot cookbook that might ask you to use something called a trivet, and if you’re confused and wondering what it actually is, here’s a quick guide to help you make sense of it. 

Read on to discover the different Instant Pot trivet types and how to put each of them to use. 

So What’s a Trivet?

A trivet is basically a fancy word for a slightly raised steaming rack that can sit inside the inner pot of your Instant Pot. What it actually does is that it allows you to place foods above the water or liquid level in the pot, which is great if you’re planning to steam foods in the pot. 

Regardless of which Instant Pot model you own, you’ll most definitely have this accessory already- it comes as a part of the package. Some people also refer to it as a steam rack, which is true, because that’s actually what it does. 

How Can I Use it?

The Instant Pot trivet is actually a super versatile accessory. You can use it to whip up so many different meals and use it to-

  • Boil eggs 
  • Steam delicate foods like fish 
  • Make a cheesecake 
  • Steam veggies like asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, beet and carrots. 
  • Steam meats such as chicken, ribs and roasts 
  • Make lasagna and casserole 
  • Make perfectly steamed rice
  • Avoid the burn message on your Instant Pot
  • Make a loaf of bread
  • Pressure cook potatoes quickly 
  • Cook two different dishes at the same time by double stacking! 
  • Steam larger chunks of meat and poultry 
  • Cook meats separately from the sauce
  • Make creme brulee...or a creme brulee cheesecake

Different Instant Pot Trivets

Different Instant Pot Trivets

While most Instant Pot models pack in a trivet too, some of them have handles, while others do not- it all depends on the model you pick. 

If you’re planning to purchase an additional trivet for your Instant Pot, here I will explain the small differences between some of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Other Instant Pot Accessories

In the end...

If you’re wondering which one you should pick, well, it all depends on what you personally prefer. Ideally, the basic trivet with handles or the silicone trivet should work just fine for you if you have been using the Instant Pot to cook simple recipes and don’t want anything too complicated or fancy.


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