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Air Fryer Pork Chops with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer

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Pork Chops with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer is the ultimate way to cook pork chops in air fryer! Almond and parmesan coated pork chops, air fried to a juicy and crispy texture.

Pork chops in air fryer is one recipe I will be making often. This recipe is crazy simple to prep, and the moist chops won me over. I tested this air fryer recipe out in a classic air fryer, as well as my new Instant Pot Duo Crisp!

You could make this a Ninja air fryer pork chops recipe too. It works great.

If you haven't tried out the Duo Crisp, I highly recommend it. You can fry, roast, bake and broil on top of so many other Instant Pot functions. And it also can steam, slow cook, and sous vide.

Air Fryer Thick Pork Chops

I whipped up these pork chops the other night for dinner and paired with a crisp green salad. Dinner was so delicious, and I loved the crunch from the air fryer.

If you love pork chops, you'll also want to try this low-carb boneless pork chops recipe and our pork chops with creamy pink sauce.

How Long To Cook Pork Chops

Now, this all depends on the thickness of your meat, and how your air fryer cooks. All air fryers are a bit different, so even though they cook a bit differently.

The biggest thing is ensuring pork chops reach an internal temp that is required. For my size of chops, it took around 14 minutes to fully cook my chops.

How to Make Parmesan Pork Chops

This is a gluten free pork chops recipe, so the parmesan crust is made using air fryer functions on our Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Air Fryer. It uses smart programs to cook food to perfection.

Using the Duo Crisp with Air Fryer, you can bake, broil and dehydrate on top of other traditional Instant Pot pressure cooking functions to quickly pressure cook, sauté and steam and slow cooker.

With a few quick and easy steps, you too can dine on this great recipe.

Ingredients Used in Recipe

  • Thick pork chops
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Almonds
  • Egg
  • Salt and pepper

How to Make Pork Chops in Air Fryer

  • Beat the egg on a saucer or shallow bowl.
  • Chop up the nuts and mix with Parmesan cheese.
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper on pork chops, to taste. Add in some garlic powder if desired. Base this on your seasoning preference.
  • Then, dredge the pork chops through the egg. Let the excess drip off.
  • Finally coat the pork chops in the Parmesan cheese mixture. Gently shake off any excess coating.
  • While it isn't a requirement, you can lightly spray the coated pork chops with nonstick cooking spray to enhance the golden brown crispy fried coating.
  • Add the meat to the air fryer basket and get ready to fry.

See the step-by-step images below to see how to make this easy air fryer pork chops recipe.

Air Fryer Pork Chops Cooking Time

How Long Do You Air Fry Pork Chops?

How long to cook pork chops in air fryer depends on a few factors: cut, cooking temperature, and thickness. This recipe is for air fryer boneless pork chops.

Thick cut boneless pork chops

Since this recipe uses air fryer 1 inch pork chops, the cook time is 14 minutes. If using a thicker cut, you might need to increase the cooking time to up to 20 minutes.

Thin cut pork chops

You can also make thin pork chops in air fryers, but you will want to reduce the cooking time. Consider checking at 12 minutes for doneness.

Bone-pork chops

What about the cooking time for bone in pork chops in the air fryer? You can increase the cooking temperature to 380 and keep the cooking time to 12-15 minutes, again depending on the thickness of the air fryer pork loin chops. As with boneless pork chops, you need to check the doneness of the meat.

Air fryer pork chops no breading

The cook time would be the same with or without breading. Base the pork chop air fryer time on the thickness of the meat.

Optimal Internal Temp for Pork

You want to cook your chops till they reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees. Then after you remove from the air fryer, place aluminum foil over the top and let the chops sit for 5-10 minutes.

Allowing the meat to rest is an important step before serving. This allows the juices in the meat to redistribute and you have a juicier, more tender serving of meat.

Supplies Used to Make Pork Chops

  • Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer | This is such a versatile tool. You can make everything from air-fried food to slow cooked food, to pressure cooked spaghetti sauce.
  • Digital thermometer | A handy kitchen necessity whenever cooking meat. It's also good to have on hand for candy making and any other recipe where you need to reach or maintain a specific temperature.
  • Tongs with silicone tips | Tongs with silicone tips are an essential kitchen product if you cook using nonstick pans. These are heat safe and hold their own in the kitchen.

More Pork Chop Recipes Air Fryer Ideas

While these are truly the best damn pork chops, there are many other ideas to these pork chops. Some favorite flavor suggestions include:

  • Traditional flour based breaded chops with bone served with fried mac n cheese balls.
  • Pork chops without breading using favorite seasonings. This is wonderful served with a salad.
  • Stuffed pork chops. Consider filling with a homemade stuffing; cream cheese, cheddar and jalapeño mixture, or even stuffed with mac n cheese!
  • Bacon wrapped pork chops. Yum.

What Is the Difference Between a Pork Chop and Pork Steak?

According to,

Pork blade steak comes from a roast cut that's been sliced. Blade steaks ... If you do not have pork steaks on hand, substitute your favorite pork chops instead

The pork organization also notes,

Pork chops are the most popular cut from the pork loin, which is the strip of meat that runs from the pig's hip to shoulder.

You could also use pork steak in air fryer recipes.

Craving more pork recipes

Pork Chops with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer

Can You Stack Meat In Air Fryer

You do not want to stack your pork chops. If you stack your chops, you will find the areas that touch will not crisp up.

They also can be under-cooked if the meat overlaps. So make sure to leave room in between each pork chop that way the air can fully circulate around the pork chops.

How to Make Meat Tender

Three ways to tenderize pork include:

  1. Use a meat mallet and pound the chops. A mallet is often used to tenderize meat. This recipe doesn't call for it, but it is something you could do to enhance the tenderness.
  2. Marinade. Many recipes call for marinating meat for 30 minutes to several hours prior to cooking. This is ensure tenderness while cooking. It also increases the flavor.
  3. Brine. Brining involves soaking a meat (typically lean meat) in a salt water solution over a number of hours. The purpose is for the meat to absorb extra liquid, thus making for a juicier serving of meat.

Get the recipe.

Yield: 4

Pork Chop Recipe for the Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer

air fryer pork chops on white plate

Instant Pot Pork Chop Recipe with almonds and Parmesan cheese can be made in either the Instant Pot Duo Crisp, using the add-on Instant Pot Air Fryer lid, or a traditional air fryer. This tasty recipe is low carb and gluten free.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 14 minutes
Total Time 24 minutes


    1. Beat egg in a bowl or on a shallow plate.
    2. Combine the almonds and Parmesan cheese on a separate bowl or plate.
    3. Dip pork chops in egg, and then coat them in the Parmesan and almond mixture, making sure to cover all sides.
    4. Place in the air fryer on 360 degree heat for 14 minutes, turning halfway through.
    5. Check the temperature with a meat thermometer to ensure they reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees.
    6. Remove pork chops from the air fryer and let rest on a plate for 10-15 minutes before serving.


The recipe tested in both Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer mode and a standard air fryer.

Variations for the Pork Chop Recipe:

  • You can change the almonds for finely chopped pecans.
  • The best thing about this recipe is that you can also use it to fry clams, fish, oysters or squid in the same way. You could also use this same breading for the chicken pieces or mozzarella sticks,
  • For a vegetarian option, try breading zucchini, broccoli, string beans, whatever you can think of.
  • For an Italian-style dish, add some dried basil, parsley, and garlic powder, or garlic salt. I think you will find the taste and texture to be absolutely perfect!


  • Can my dog eat Almonds or Parmesan Cheese? Almonds are a great snack for humans, but not that great for dogs. While they aren´t as toxic as other nuts, it's one of those foods they can´t easily digest. Also, it might be wise to have your dog skip the parmesan cheese, as well as other grilled cheeses, like blue, cheddar, or feta cheese, all these are very salty.
  • Can my cat eat Almonds or Parmesan Cheese? Almonds are not toxic to cats, however, they can´t properly digest them due to their short digestive tracts. If a cat consumes too many almonds, is likely to suffer from indigestion, vomiting, and possibly diarrhea. Also, dairy is not part of any cat's diet, and Parmesan cheese can upset your furry friend's digestive system.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 502Total Fat 31gSaturated Fat 9gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 18gCholesterol 189mgSodium 416mgCarbohydrates 5gNet Carbohydrates 0gFiber 2gSugar 1gSugar Alcohols 0gProtein 49g

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Denise M. Traylor

Sunday 18th of July 2021

Yum! This was awesome. Only cooked two chops and perfectly juicy.

Linda S White

Thursday 8th of July 2021

I have the air fryer lid for my instant pot and haven't used it til tonight. I can't eat nuts so I had to change the recipe a bit but it was delicious. Easy, quick and definitely going to make it again. Thank you.

Brian Furman

Thursday 17th of December 2020

Very easy. Mine were very thick at probably 1 1/4 inches or so. Took a total of 25 minutes at 360°. Would serve to company. Dang tasty.


Tuesday 21st of July 2020

I tried this recipe for my first meal in my air fryer attachment for my instapot. Dinner was fast. I started it, fed the dogs, made the veg, and it was all done inside that time period. Pretty sure this newest addition to my kitchen is going to be a game changer lol.

Thank you!!!


Sunday 26th of April 2020

I just got a duo crisp, and am learning how to use it the right way. Can you put a couple of pork chops on the bottom of the fryer basket, then put the "shelf" on and put a couple more on that, like two separated layers?


Friday 28th of August 2020

I haven't done this myself, but I believe this is an option.

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