Air Fryer Corn Dogs - Learn How To Perfectly Cook Them

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Looking for an affordable meal to feed the whole family? Air frying makes easy meals even easier and the cooking time for this delicious corn dog quick meal is so fast!

If you prefer homemade corn dogs over frozen corn dogs, you'll want to try our tasty corn dog bites. We simply took hot dogs and cornmeal breading (think cornbread) to make a perfect corn dog bite. These are similar to State Fair corndogs, but little corn dog nuggets. They make a great finger food or easy snack when paired with your favorite dipping sauce.

air fryer corn dogs on plate

Air Fryer Frozen Corn Dogs

Regular-sized corn dogs are easy to fit in most air fryers. We often use an air fryer oven for a quick lunch for corn dogs and french fries and it is always a winner. This is really an easy recipe, as it is basically a heat and go meal.

You'll add corn dogs to your air fryer in a single layer and then air fry corn dogs according to our air fryer cooking times for frozen foods. But, for your convenience, the time and temperature are also listed in the recipe card below.

Regular Corn Dogs on a Stick vs Mini Corndogs

We also sometimes reheat our mini-sized corn dogs using the air fryer cooking method. Both types include a tender hot dog and golden cornmeal breading.

What To Serve With Corndogs

Make this a tasty family dinner worthy of a 5-star rating for easy dinners.

Suggested side dishes:

Condiments for corndogs:

  • honey mustard
  • ketchup

Tips For Cooking Corn Dogs In Air Fryer

tray of air fried corn dogs

Do I need to preheat my air fryer? 

Different air fryers require various steps for their cooking process. Some air fryers do require you to preheat them before you add in food to cook. Others don't require preheating. Now, the exact time for cooking might vary depending on whether you preheat the air fryer on not.

What temperature do I heat my air fryer to for corn dogs?

Heat your air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the corn dogs for 6-8 minutes. See our recipe card below for more details.

Is it okay to use different brands?

Of course! Corn dog brands are all fairly similar. Now, a homemade corn dog recipe might require an adjustment to temperature or cook time, but the air fryer is a perfect way to cook frozen corn dogs to a golden brown doneness every single time.

Should I use oil?

No. There is no need to use oil in your air fryer. The crispy air is all that is needed to cook frozen foods.

Is it okay to use aluminum foil?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil at the bottom of the air fryer basket.

Is it okay to stack corndogs in the air fryer?

Pro tip: No, you'll want to stay away from stacking corndogs in the air fryer. You want to ensure that the air has room to circulate. Now, for crispier corn dogs, you could go with deep frying, but using healthier cooking methods is always a good idea.

Where can I find more air fryer recipes?

For more air fryer recipes, follow along with our air fryer articles and our favorite air fryer Facebook groups.

Can I reheat leftover corn dogs?

Yes. Just like you can air fry mini corn dogs, you can air fry leftover air-fried corn dogs. It's the best way to reheat them. Microwaving corn dogs might take a little less time but will result in soggy breading.

Frozen Air Fryer Corn Dogs

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