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A Pressure Cooker

A Pressure Cooker was developed as a place to collect and share Instant Pot recipes with my audience. Since pressure cooking is so niche specific, I wanted an online space that was strictly for pressure cooking fanatics.

And thus... A Pressure Cooker was born. Follow along with us here, over on the Pressure Cooker Facebook page, our Pressure Cooking FB group, and on Pinterest.

a pressure cooker oatmeal in blue ramekin dish

Make Meal Planning Easy with These Recipe Ideas from a Pressure Cooker

Here you will find an abundance of Instant Pot recipes in the following categories (and more):

  • Instant Pot chicken recipes - From chicken thigh recipes to chicken breast recipes, we have an assortment of easy Instant Pot chicken recipes that will fill up your meal plan.
  • Ground beef recipes - Ground beef is an ingredient that is budget-friendly and easy to cook with.
  • Instant Pot cheesecake recipes - We have many flavors of cheesecake recipes, including some copycat Cheesecake factory recipes.
  • Instant pot gluten-free recipes - while not exclusively a gluten-free website, there are so many recipes here that are naturally gluten-free.
  • Soup recipes - there are so many Instant Pot soup recipes, and we have our share of everything from copycat Panera Broccoli Soup to game day chili recipes.

Get Product Tips and Suggestions

Instant Pot cooking utilizes a special set of supplies, so many of our recipes include product suggestions to make cooking easier.

Some of our favorite Instant Pot cooking tools are listed below.