Pressure Cooker Recipes: Dinner Ideas

Enjoy these delicious pressure cooker recipes that are easy to cook and enjoy quicker cleanup with a one-pot meal.

Quick Air Fryer Recipes and Cooking Times

How to Make Rice - Instant Pot Tips

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to make rice in an Instant Pot, including the many various ways and recipes you can use to make the best rice in the easiest way possible.

Easy Breakfast Egg Recipes

kitchen conversion chart

Simple Kitchen Conversions

How to Half Any Ingredient - Need to know what 1/2 of 3/4 is. Learn how to make halves of any ingredient or measurement.

Get your fill of pressure cooker recipes. No matter what your cooking level is, we have a wide selection of Instant Pot recipes to get you started.

You'll love our easy cheesecake recipes. Our delicious dinner recipes include many gluten free, vegetarian, and meat options.

Our dessert recipes range from cheesecakes, to pressure cooker cake recipes, to quick fix fruit and berry cobbler recipes.

You'll want to check out our huge list of party, potluck, and tailgate recipes. From chili, to egg bite mold appetizer recipes, to amazing side dishes like baked beans- Instant Pot recipes are where it is at.

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